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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Alexis and Gabe Engagement Slideshow

Merry Christmas!!! I have been slaving over a hot stove cooking up this engagement show hotness! If you read my last post for Alexis and Gabe's sneak peek you already know how awesome and gorgeous this couple is. Now, you get to check out their engagement shoot slideshow. One of my favorite parts about photography is being able to tell a story. So this slideshow is really a memory book design for Alexis and Gabe to turn into a guest sign-in book for their wedding so they have a cool coffee-table reminder about how awesome this day was ... because it is a snapshot, a memory. When they look back at this book, I hope they remember the first step they took together, into the journey of the rest of their lives together.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Alexis and Gabe Engagement Shoot Sneak Peek

Wow, today was amazing! A few weeks ago, I got an email from Alexis Del Chiaro with some happy news that she was now engaged to Gabe! Of course, she immediately thought of getting photos taken (Gabe says that was the first thing out of her mouth) and I was more than honored to be asked! If Alexis looks familiar, it's because she is! She is one of the morning anchors for KUSI.

Skip forward to today... we had already rescheduled a few times because of all three of our busy schedules but today was the day! Rain was looming on the forecast but we were hopeful because the skies were gray but there wasn't any rain yet... Well, I went down to La Jolla to scout things out and right at the top of the hour when we were supposed to meet it starts raining! AAAAHHHHHH!

After chatting and figuring out a backup plan (really, who makes a backup plan for rain in San Diego???) we drove over to La Jolla Shores beach where it miraculously stopped raining. We got out into the cold where Alexis and Gabe were super troopers for sticking it out through rain and hail and sleet and .... well, maybe just cold but it was pretty brisk! It had just rained and the sky was cloudy. But we made it work and got some amazing photos!

PLUS, they were amazing models! Alexis knew the drill and gave Gabe some direction also. She already knew that it would be their job to relax and just act natural. After a few minutes, I really didn't need to tell them anything... they just did exactly what I wanted them to do!

It was so hard to pick through photos but this one is definitely my favorite of the day. With the rain, I asked them to grab their umbrellas. The "umbrella" series was probably my fav and you can see why. Their personalities totally shine through and this image really just encapsulates how I see the two of them.

celebration packages engagement shoot with gabe and alexis del chiaro of kusi san diego on la jolla shores beach holding umbrellas

I am soooo excited to share the rest of their photos with you! Make sure you register at Pictage so you can be the first to know when the rest of their photos are released to the wild.