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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thanksgiving at The Youngren's

This Thanksgiving, I had the honor of participating in the inaugural yearly tradition of a bunch of friends getting together for a post-Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving meal.  Call it, Thanksgiving II - Revenge of the Turkey.

If you know The Youngrens, you already know how AWESOME they are (and if you don't....you should).  Well, they just kicked their notch in the notch.  Because this TII dinner had YEARS worth of ideas of two (already married) wedding photographers who have seen it all...and weren't afraid to throw some of their ideas in the mix.

Let's start with the spread.  Can you believe this?
amazing thanksgiving dinner setting

One of the coolest things they did was to give everyone an apple and attach a word to it. During dinner we went around the table talking about what that word meant in our lives.  Mine was Celebrate (I got a kick out of that). 
amazing thanksgiving dinner setting

Well, before we actually got to dinner, we all spent some quality time hanging out and making dinner together....as a family :)
amazing thanksgiving dinner setting

amazing thanksgiving dinner setting

Here we are with a table full of hungry people waiting to chow down!
amazing thanksgiving dinner setting

But wait........there's more!!!  Stay tuned for a time-lapse video of our dinner.  It's legendary.