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Friday, July 2, 2010

Scene Portrait Shoot with Paige the Photographer

Guess what boys and girls? I had got my photos taken AND did a portrait session. All with the amazing Paige of Stay True Photography. When I first saw her work I KNEW that I had to get my photos taken with her. After she took some shots of me I took some of her. Turns out Paige is a great as a model too!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these two pictures of Paige.  They show what a fun personality she has and her awesome smile. 
scene brunette model - sitting on stairs laughing

Paige was the one who found these stairs when she was shooting me.  So of course I had to copy her. 
scene brunette model - sitting on stairs

I had to shoot her in black & whidiculous
scene brunette model - hallway silhouette and sitting on stairs

What a great smile
scene brunette model - standing next to a brick wall

A Paige special pose.  Love it!
scene brunette model - standing in middle of alley road holding shoes

She had the sweetest stockings.  I had to get a shot. 
scene brunette model

It wasn't until the end of the shoot that she brought it like she was on America's Next Top Mode. FIERCE!!!
scene brunette model - holding chain link fence