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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

My First Bridal Show!!!

Last Sunday I was a vendor at my first bridal show ever!  In fact, it was the first time I've ever even been to a bridal show.  It was AWESOME!!  I had sooooo much fun meeting all the brides and grooms and other fun vendors and even other photographers!  One of my friends, Julia, was there to help me out and I coudn't have done it without her! 

For my booth, I decided to do something totally different than most vendors. So I brought in basically my entire living room!  It was really cool to kick back and sit on the couch while talking to potential brides and getting to know them.  Things moved pretty quick so I wasn't able to get to know them as much as I really wanted to and I felt like I had to be "salesy".  I feel so weird when I have to sell myself (ok...Michael Scott/The Office moment right there). 

I'm still recovering from the show and trying to sort through everything in my mind.  Since it was my first show I have absolutely no clue how well it went. But I've already been in contact with a few brides already and it's been super fun getting to know them better.  I'm still in the beginning phase of my business so I think it was great to get my name out there. 

bridal show - photography booth

bridal show - photography booth


  1. Great job Reuben!! Glad to see that it went well for you!

  2. Very cool booth Reuben. I bet it really stood out. I know I would have enjoyed kicking back on the sofa for awhile. There are never enough places to sit down at a trade show.