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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Learn About Your Photographer: Reuben Poon

Some of you know that I am preparing for my first ever bridal show as a guest and as an exhibitor!  One of my friends who is helping me out asked me to write down why "I am the sh!t".  I thought it'd be a great exercise for me to sit down and think about what makes me and my photography unique.  So if you'll bear with me, here is my one post where I'll brag about myself a little :) 

I came up with the word V.I.S.I.O.N. to describe me:
  • V.isionary
    Like most other photographers I see the world in a unique way.  This vision extends not only to my photography but to ideas I have to contribute to your event.  For one of my client's now-legendary 40th birthday party I not only designed her 40th birthday logo but came up with the idea to setup a red carpet complete with background tiled with her logo.  Everyone LOVED it when they drove up to the valet and were met with a group of "paparazzi" photographers taking their photo walking down the red carpet.

  • I.ndividuality
    God made me to see everyone uniquely. (Ohh yes, and I am a Christian and believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross to save our sins :-)  Something that just comes naturally to me is picking up on those qualities that make everyone special.  This let me take photos that really let each person's personality shine through.  I love it when people see one of their friend's photos and tell me that I captured THEM and their personality in that one shot. 

  • S.ense of Style
    I LOVE fashion and shopping and style.  In fact, I was on San Diego's top ten best dressed list in 2008.  Having done a lot of fashion photography, that style really comes through not only in my tastes but in the way I take and present photos.  Even my album company is call "Couture Book"! 

    My love for fashion also extends into details.  I LOVE details!!  And I love capturing those awesome shoes you spent forever picking out but no one gets to see.  The necklace that your Grandmother gave you.  The cuff links your fiance's Dad gave to him before he passed away.  

  • I.ncorporateFor most events and weddings that I photograph, there are many many people involved.  For one extravagant event last year, I pulled together four amazing photographers and was able to provide complete coverage of this event and also produce a luxurious Memory Book that tied together everyone's work as one.   

  • O.mniscient
    Omniscient.  No no, I don't mean I know everything.  This was the closest word I could come up with as a synonym to "Renaissance Man".  I love learning as much as I can about things.  Especially things I'm passionate about like photography.  But I've also learned a lot about other things that set me apart by being able to pull so many disparate things together.  I have spent 12+ years building Web sites, was Director of Marketing for a non-profit, had a brief stint as an EMT, and even taught third grade for half a year in Africa! 

    Going to school at UCSD for computer graphics and computer science also means that I approach photography differently.  To me, my photographs are only a piece of the complete picture.  The post-processing and album design are just as integral to my art as my camera.  This is probably why the large events I am commissioned for can come together so well, bringing together photos from so many different artistic styles to produce a cohesive, decadent book.

  • N.etworked
    I love that I know people who are some of the best at doing what they do.  Other nationally renowned photographers, venues, restaurants, coordinators...  I love getting to know people and being able to connect them with someone else to complete the puzzle piece.   Kind of like a networking match-maker. 

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