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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

"Destiny is Not An Express Train"

Today I thought I would open myself up a little and write about how things are going.  Really going.  I'm doing this from a personal and professional perspective.

Right now things aren't going great.  It feels like things are almost there...  Maybe a little bit like Lion-O in the photo below (can't have a photography blog post without any actual photos!)

selkirk rex kitty with head inside scratching post

I definitely can't complain about anything.  I live in an amazing city and am lucky enough to have been at the same great condo for the past 12 years (can you tell I hate moving?) and love what I do.  The only thing is I haven't had as many opportunities to do what I love to do as I would like.  I kind of feel like I'm stuck.  I'm networking, meeting people, doing some really fun things and have been able to grow both my photographic and business skill sets.  But I just can't seem to get any traction getting started.  And I'll be honest with you, it's a little frustrating.

Things WILL work out.  I know it.  This quote from the deeply philosophical TV show, The City, really got me thinking (I hope you can sense the irony oozing through the blog-o-sphere): "destiny is not an express train." 

WOW.  That is sooooo where I'm at today.  Ponder that.  "Destiny is not an express train."  That's so true.  And I know that as much as I want to take an express train to get where I'm going....that train isn't going to get me there.  People will get on and get off, and I'll continue riding this train.  Slowly inching my day to my destination.  Will I get there?  Yup.  Will I make lots of stops along the way?  Yup.  Maybe even have to switch trains a couple times?  Yup.  But I'll get there. 

In any case, thanks for being part of this pseudo counseling session.  The reason I share this is to express what's going on in my life so all of you know where I'm at personally but also as a business.  Yes, I am still starting out and I'm not there yet.  But, as both friends and clients of mine, I ask that you'll be there to support me.  And one day, this company will grow up to play with the big boys.