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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Applying to Speak at Pictage's Partnercon 2010

OK, so I did it!  On a whim, I decided to submit a proposal to speak at this year's Pictage Partnercon 2010!  When I first went last year, I remember sitting there listening to Jim (the CEO of Pictage) talk about where we see ourselves and where we want to be the following year.  One of the first things that came to my mind was how much I LOVE sharing things that I've learned with other photographers. 

This past year, I have been blessed enough to be able to learn a few useful things about Adobe Lightroom that I've passed on to some of the local San Diego photographers.  But I'm really excited about the possibility to share some amazing ways to make your photos look even better AND do it in less time--all without Photoshop!

I'd love for any of you who have heard me speak or learned anything from my Lightroom blog posts to comment below (or email Pictage) and let them know that you want me to speak at Partnercon this year!

Below are some examples of the kinds of things that I can show you how to do in Lightroom:
lightroom before/after

lightroom before/after

lightroom before/after

1 comment:

  1. Reuben, I think you are a fine speaker and a great communicator. I don't really know what Partnercon is, though I can guess--and I had hoped to attend the Pictage meeting this evening, but I covered Opening Day at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club today, and didn't get home until quite late...

    Where would you like me to send a recommendation? And what form should it take?

    Vincent Andrunas