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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Epic Sailing Trip to the British Virgin Islands - Part I

WHEW!!! If you've been wondering where I've been the past two weeks, wonder no more. I just got back from an EPIC 10 days sailing around the British Virgin Islands with 10 of my close friends. It was seriously the best trip/vacation I've ever taken. And what good would a trip to such a beautiful part of the world be without TONS of pictures!?!?! So today will be the first of many posts dedicated to the awesomeness of the BVI's.

Here are all 11 of us guys on our boat:
11 guys hanging out on our sailing catamaran boat at the british virgin islands: reuben poon, jeff youngren, josh haleen, danny haleen, silas, josh becknall, jeff becknall, dave cross, mark brewer, matt green, bobby greene

There were soooo many boats everywhere!
boats at dock at the british virgin islands

We charted a huge 46" catamaran yacht from Moorings:

Here's our boat in front of the Soka Rock island.
46 foot robertson and caine catamaran from moorings at soka rock in the british virgin islands

The beaches were all INCREDIBLE. Here's the view from Devil's Bay:
devil's bay beach at the british virgin islands

And the sunsets were spectacular! Here's the view from Marina Cay:
sunset at marina cay in the british virgin islands

Here are the guys enjoying another epic sunset behind another catamaran yacht:
two guys enjoying a sunset at the british virgin islands watching a 46 foot robertson and caine catamaran from moorings

This is Sandy Cay island. It took minutes to walk around it and we were some of the only people there.

sandy cay island at the british virgin islands

Hope you enjoyed the photos! I'll be posting more so stay on the lookout!


  1. I loooove the BVI!! I was there years ago & absolutely fell in love w/ them! Good for you boys...what a great adventure! :)

  2. BVI is the best of all other Caribbean islands, I'm loving this. It's like a paradise on this earth. Awesome island.

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