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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Studio Portraits with Kara

close-up portrait of blonde model smilingThe other day my adopted sister (well, she's really just a friend and there's a long story why we call each other "adopted") came over because she needed a few portraits done.  Of course, I was happy to oblige!  It was dark outside so we setup my studio lights to take indoors.  It was really nice to do.  When I first started out with photography I actually learned how to take photos with studio lights.  Later on, I realized I needed to learn how to shoot in uncontrolled lighting situations, i.e. outdoors!  So I devoted much of my learning time to shooting portraits outside and learning how to "light" a photo using the sun and reflections off walls and mini camera flashes.  Because of that I naturally shifted towards doing more outside work.  It was great to come back to doing some studio work with my adopted sis.  Here's my favorite image from the shoot: an awesome close-up of her that shows you her beautiful, beaming smile and lets gives you a glimpse into how gorgeous she is on the outside as well as a peek into why she's such a beautiful person on the inside too :)

Heart you adopted sis!!!