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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I Have the Kutest Kitties Evar!!!

OK, so to answer your first question......yes, I am the crazy Asian cat lady.  Pancake and Lion-O are my two little kitty boys and yes I love them and talk to them all the time.  And yes, of course I'm crazy.

Anyhoo, I just realized that as much as I Twitter and talk and blab about my kitties I haven't decided a SINGLE blog post to them yet!  And that's just ridiculous to me so I decided to comb through my photos and pick out a  few to share with you.  I actually picked out a LOT to share with you but finally whittled it down to two or three or ten.

Let me start off with a pic of both of them.  And yes, I took this maybe a month or so ago and, yes, I still do have my Christmas tree up.
two selkirk rex kitties in a white christmas tree

Now let's do formal introductions.... Here's Pancake:
brown and white selkirk rex kitty

And here's Lion-O. Yes, for those of you old enough to remember, I named him after Lion-O from the Thundercats cartoon show. Here he is hiding in the TV stand waiting to pounce on something.  Grrrrr.
gray selkirk rex kitty

Both kitties are brothers from the same litter and are Selkirk Rex cats. Yes, they're a very rare breed and yes, it looks like they ran into a wall :) One thing my kitties love to do is play with water from the faucet.
selkirk rex cat playing with water from faucet

They also like to find little nooks and crannies to chill in. The other day as I was doing my business accounting, I had my file drawer open. Guess who jumped right on in and made himself at home?
selkirk rex cat inside file cabinet

After I got my master bathroom redone, they decided to take over my bathroom cabinets. Pancake jumped inside the sliding drawer to make sure it was empty.
selkirk rex kitties inside drawer and cabinet

They're always getting into different things and being curious like cats. They always love boxes to jump into. And one day I had a ladder out to change a light bulb so of course they had to check that out too...
selkirk rex kitty climbing ladder and sitting in a box

Being cats, you know they love to sleep too. Here's Pancake sleeping on my work desk. Any time I go in my office he runs over and jumps up on the desk.
selkirk rex kitty sleeping on desk

One day Pancake was cuddling on the couch with me under the covers and poked his head out long enough for me to take this.
selkirk rex kitty with head popping out of blanket

Anyway, those are my cute little boys :)
two selkirk rex kitties

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