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Monday, March 29, 2010

My Big Announcement for 2010

OK everyone, have a seat because I'm about to rock your world.

I have decided to shoot weddings. 

Torrey Pines Golf Course Wedding

WHAT?  THAT's your big announcement?  Well, for some of you it is.  And others of you might be saying, "You're crazy.....everyone already does weddings."  That's the thing.  For years I have stayed away from weddings because everyone else does them.  And do them really, really well.  One of my best friends is an AMAZING, and getting to be quite famous, wedding photographer.

When people ask, "what kind of photography do you do?" I like to respond that I create Luxurious Memories. 

So why the change of heart?  --  Well, for many years lots of people have always asked if I do weddings or said something about how I should do weddings because the couples photos I do take are great (their words, not mine :-)  I've always had it in the back of my mind that I would LOVE to shoot weddings because there is sooo much about a wedding that I just love.... capturing that essential moments and image that can be forever remembered and passed down generations, getting that photo that friends and family look at and say THAT'S JESSICA--you captured the essence of who they are in a single millisecond moment in time, creating Luxurious Memories as albums and canvases--things you can showcase on your coffee table or hang up on your wall like a work of art.  I get giddy just thinking about these things.

coffee table album

What I decided to do was come up with a way for me to do all the things I loved about weddings and make it an experience (maybe) more memorable than the actual wedding itself.  The first one might be the most surprising.

I will only shoot FIVE weddings this year.  

Five Weddings.  That's it. There are many reasons for this but one of the biggest is that this way I get to form a FRIENDSHIP with the couple and spend time with them.  Looking back at 2009, I realized my favorite clients are the ones I am blessed to be able to call a friend.  We like the same things, know some of the same people, have the same humor, love to live and enjoy life.....we connect.  And they're lifetime clients.  They don't just breeze through my life for an afternoon and move on.  I know their kids and their kids like me. I helped make them postcards Christmas cards.  They are going to fly me out to meet them on their vacation to take professional looking vacation photos.  They followed along everything that happened with my Father passing away.  We share life together. And I love that. 

When I thought about it some more, all of my favorite clients came to me because one of their friends recommended them to me.  I feel that is so crucial because that is the way I am.  I rely heavily on my friends opinions and input.  Because of this I decided that I really want to rely on MY friends and people who know ME to help me find the perfect five weddings.  For those of you who know me, I'd guess you recognize that I LOVE taking care of my friends and doing things for them.  So this brings me to my fun little twist:

For each of the five weddings, I will give a Louis Vuitton handbag to the person who referred them.  

I want to do this because the ONLY reason I'm even here as a photographer is because friends just like YOU got me here.  And to be bluntly honest, I'm horrible at going out there and selling myself. So I am going to rely on all of you, my friends, to refer me to people--families--who want a lifelong photographer and friend to share life with.

Stay tuned and later this week I'll share more details about the weddings I'll take and how to get your Louis Vuitton! 

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