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Thursday, March 18, 2010

GoBee/Pictage Party Pics, A Duckie, and A WACOM Tablet

So WPPI was great this year.  I got to meet a lot of awesome people and see lots of cool stuff at the Trade Show.  AND, I was honored to be selected as one of a handful of photographers to be a Pictagerazzi.  Check out the photos from all of us at www.pictagerazzi.com !!!

Unfortunately I was sick for most of the conference so I spent most of my time chilling at my MGM hotel room.  All I can say is thank goodness for room service!!!!  But I did have time to snap one shot of the Pixel2Canvas duckie so here it is :)  I think from now on I'm going to take a duckie picture of every hotel room I visit. 

One night I was able to make it out I went to the Gobee Bags / Pictage party at the Mandalay Bay. They held it at the 2nd to top floor suite that was HUGE!!!!  Honestly I can't say that I use their stuff but Sara France is AMAZING and totally rocks so go buy something from them anyway.  LOL :)  Here are a few shots I took that didn't go to Pictagerazzi:

Gobee Bag / Pictage Party at Mandalay Bay

Gobee Bag / Pictage Party at Mandalay Bay

Yup, my color balance was off.  For you nerdy photogs out there: this is what happens when you shoot in JPEG and don't realize the subtle shift in color temp from one end of the room to the other.  Ohh well, good enough for government work :)
Gobee Bag / Pictage Party at Mandalay Bay

And here's a shot of me and some friends in the photo booth:

I didn't leave WPPI empty handed though. I got a lot of great photographer's business cards AND got a sweet deal on a WACOM tablet from Midwest Photo Exchange. I LOVE that store and if you're a Strobist fan/follower you'll know why.

WACOM Tablet

WACOM Tablet