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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Easter Egg Hunt at Doyle Park

Last week I had the opportunity to volunteer with my cousin's church, Ethnos helping out a local community center park with their Easter Egg hunt. There were TONS of kids running around and even an Easter bunny roaming around.

The parks team did a great job organizing things and hid a bunch of eggs in the grassy field:

doyle park easter egg hunt

Before I knew it, they released the crazy kids (and parents) who came charging right at me looking for Easter eggs!

doyle park easter egg hunt - kids racing to find easter eggs

doyle park easter egg hunt - kids racing to find easter eggs

Later on, I was able to take some fun photos of the kids with the Easter Bunny.... but my all-time favorite shot was with this sweet lady sitting on his lap!

doyle park easter egg hunt - old lady sitting on easter bunny lap

If you were part of this wonderful day's festivities, please remember to register at www.celebrationpackages.com/ethnoschurch/ to receive your complimentary $10 credit toward photos.