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Monday, March 15, 2010

Adobe Omniture Summit 2010 Speaking Engagement

I think all of you know that my hobbies include full-contact origami and that I'm a photographer. But I don't think that all of you know that while I'm working on making photography my full-time gig that I have a normal, full-time job (*gasp*!) at Adobe Omniture as a consultant. It's a great job where I basically help companies utilize our products to make more money online. Every year we hold a huge gathering of nerds short and far-sighted alike to come talk about online stuff. This year, I was actually asked to be one of the speakers! So a couple weeks ago off I went to Salt Lake City to be part of this huge thing called the Adobe Omniture Summit 2010.

One thing that I LOVE to do is travel. Don't ask me why but two of the things I love most are living out of a hotel and being in airports/flying. Those are the things I remember most from my trips. Anyway, so I stayed at the amazing Grand America and got upgraded to a suite.

The AWESOME outdoor fountain in their center courtyard:

Bath Salts which I later used...

...to take a bath and it was amazing


Rubber ducky courtesy of Pixel 2 Canvas:

Plus the view waking up in the morning was spectacular!
sunrise view from The Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City, UT

Of course, can't forget a few photos from the actual event :)

Here are a few more photos on a later blog.


  1. I am laughing because you have more pictures of the bathroom pictures than the actual summit. But that is probably because you were working, right? ;-)

  2. LOL. I actually had a bunch of photos of actual Summit but these were more interesting to me :) What I FORGOT to take photos of was my actual presentation! :( And double :(:( that you weren't there!

  3. Yay! I live in Salt Lake City...isn't it beautiful?

  4. It is!!! It was so great meeting you at WPPI last week :)

  5. Kiran - I posted a few more photos (of the conference) in another blog post :P