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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Family Slideshow from Memorial Service

First of all, thank you to everyone's prayers and support during this difficult time. So many of you have been so generous in helping out the family in various ways and we all appreciate it.

Last Friday we held the Memorial Service for my Father, Robert Poon. We made the service into a celebration and my favorite moment was when we showed the following slide show with memories from Robert's life. In case you missed it or want to look through it again, here it is :)


  1. That was EXCELLENT! Awesome job Reuben!

  2. Thank you, Reuben, for creating this great slide show. We were not able to attend the celebration of Robert's life but this slide show helped us recall him in his different roles: as husband, father, participant in various ministries, and friend. We noticed that one of the early photos was taken in front of the Hesburgh Library (with its mural of Jesus) when Brenda and Robert visited us at the University of Notre Dame back in the 1960s.We thank God for letting us get to know your parents! Sau Fong and Yum Tong