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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Capturing A Moment in Time: A Personal Story

I want to share a personal story with you that ties together why I am so excited about these new Celebration Packages we are offering. Recently, my Father was diagnosed with cancer.  When my Mother was only one, her Father died of cancer.  The photo to the right is the ONLY photo we have of him.  My Mom never knew her Dad except through this photo and what my Grandmother could tell through stories. 

Perhaps this is why I have always been attracted to photography.  When I was a little boy, my cousin showed me his really cool photo gear and that sweet motor drive.  In college, I was the guy running around taking candids of the group and posting online albums for people to look at.  I think that part of what drives me is creating a moment, a memory, for other people.

Tomorrow, I am giving a client of mine a surprise thank-you present for being such an awesome family, friend, and client.  I've been waiting four LONG weeks for it to be custom-designed and painstakingly put together by hand.  Aside from the fact that I designed it (so you know it's gonna be awesome, right?) and that it just looks AMAZING is that I know that 50 years from now her grand-children and great grand-children will be able to look at this album and get a glimpse into her life.  Not a scripted "say cheese" moment.  But a peek into what one moment in time was like for her.

My goal for every Celebration Packages that I shoot  is to capture a memory, that magical moment.  A canvas print that you can show off to your friends and family today.  An album you can reminisce with your great grand-kids tomorrow.  I don't want your great grand-kids to shuffle through a cardboard box in their garage looking for the ONLY photo they have of you.  I want them to pass down to THEIR grand-children a worn-down box with a set of pristine albums that showcase a time in the life of their great grand-parents.  I want your friends to sit down at your home and shriek in excitement when they see a hardcover book with you on it and slowly thumb through each page, remembering how awesome you are and how stoked they are to be your friends. 

Because what I want for you is a magical memory, all of my packages will come with credit towards either an album or a canvas print.  An artistic representation that tells a story.  A story about YOU that will resonate with your friends, your family, and with generations yet to come.